Bayou Pumps & Products, Inc.
Bayou Pumps & Products, Inc.
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    Our Products

    Disk Pumps

    Tesla Disk Pumps  are designed for the most abrasive and erosive particulates, slurries, and sludges. Designed to gently handle the most fragile &  sensitive chemicals, polymer emulsions, drill cuttings, various solids.

    Configurations in Close Coupled, Long Coupled Bearing Frame, Submersible,

    Vertical, Cantilever, Sump Pumps and  Horizontal

    Centrifugal Pumps

    Horizontals, Vertical, Cantilevered and Self-Priming, 304 Stainless Steel. ANSI Centrifugal, Metallic, Horizontals.  

    • EBARA - End suction close coupled or frame mounted.
    • RuhRPumpen - Horizontal single & multi-stage
    • Curflo - ANSI, mud pumps
    • Worthington-ANSI
    • Liquiflo - Sub-ANSI (Centry-Series), ANSI Group (Endura AB & MC-Series)
    • Dean Brothers - ANSI, Vertical Inline, Heat Transfer, and API 
    • Haight
    • WDM - Medium pressure, general services, vertical in-line, non clog, self priming

    Air Diaphragm Pumps

    • ARO - Process Grade, expert series diaphragm pumps feature the best total cost of ownership of any diaphragm pump on the market.
    • Wilden - Positive Displacement/Double-Acting, Duplex Air Operated, Double-Diaphragm Pump.
    • Neptune - 500 Series hydraulic diaphragm pump with a variety of part types & choices of materials, manual or electric stroke control; variable oil bypass; replaceable suction & discharge cartridge with o-rings & Teflon. Comes with replacement kit. 
    • Warren Rupp - 3 Models

    Gear Pumps

    • Haight Pumps - Internal, External-Hot Oil-for Frymaster, Dean fryers & others. 
    • Liquiflo - Heavy Duty, standard duty, high pressure, low flow, and ultra low flow.
    • Ranger - Closed-Coupled Gear Reduction.
    • Roper - 5 models

    High Pressure

    Hydra-Cell - Hydraulically balanced diaphragm type for difficult fluids such as abrasives, hot solutions and
    fluids at high pressures. 

    Magnetic Drive

    • Liquiflo
    • Tech-Mag - Integrates exceptionally higher torque capacity (full-trim performance at 1.8 specific gravity)
      while dramatically reducing size and mass.
    • RuhRPumpen - Permanent magnetic drive, horizontal process pump single stage.

    Non Metallic Pumps

    • PTFE - Teflon
    • Kynar - PVDF exhibit exceptional properties, including weather resistance, chemical resistance,etc.
    • Vortex Pumps - Main performance features include low NPSH requirement, high efficiency with viscous liquids, and resistance to abrasive liquids. 
    • Endura

    Metering Pumps

    • LMI - Chemical Metering Pumps for water and wastewater treatment and Electronic and motor-driven pumps are available for flow proportional applications with liquid handling configurations for slurries and high viscosity chemicals.
    • Neptune - Plunger and Diatube; Ranges of .38-780 GPH per feed; Pressure of 10,000 psi. 
    • Hydra-Cell - Designed to handle a wide range of fluids from clear water to thick slurries. Non-Metallic, Metallic, Brass, Solenoid.

    Progressive Cavity Pumps

    • Bornemann
    • Wangen - Suction Pumps: 7 different models, all self-priming.
    • Hopper Feed - 4 different models, available in various sizes 3. Immersion Pumps - Type KL-T has high dosing precision, self-priming, low-pulsation. 
    • Twin Screw Pumps - Type Wangen Twin is part of hygienic pump solutions & ensures reliable pumping of low & high viscosity, highly volatile or gaseous products. 
    • Roper - 6 models
    • Moyno - 5 Models & 4 Sanitary Models

    Sump & Sewage Pumps:

    • AY McDonald - Sump & Sewage pumps all with split capictor motor.
    • EBARA - The PRO Drainer series, high quality stainless steel components for pumping slurry or semi-dirty water.
    • Phantom - PH-6 High Pressure; Self-Primer Sump Pump.
    • Worthington - Vertical Sump Pumps
    • HCP - Sump & Sewage Pumps, Dewatering, Self Priming, Etc.


    • EBARA - Electric Centrifugals, Grinder, Dewatering, Dry Pit, Effluent and Explosion Proof, 19 Models.
    • Warren Rupp -Submersible Sludge Master™Air-Powered Trash Pump  PortaPump® 12 Volt Pump.
    • HCP - Grinder, Cutter, Axial Flow, Self-Priming, Etc.
    • Zoeller - Grinder, Cutter, Dewatering, Etc.
    • Tsurumi - Single Phase, Three Phase, Portables, Residue, Wastewater, & Corrosion Resistant.

    Booster Pumps

    • AY McDonald - DuraMAC Super-Booster Pump centrifugal with eyed shaft motor & extension/coupling for easy motor replacement. Used for pressure washing agriculture or commercial applications.
    • Grundfos -  Available in a wide range of materials and configurations to fit your application needs, 21 Models.

    Vertical Pumps

    DP Pumps

    Working range

    • Head (H): 5 - 254 mwc
    • Flow (Q): 1,90 - 125 m 3/h
    • Ambient temperature: -20 - +40 ˚C
    • Liquid temperature: -20 - +140 ˚C. DPV125 max +120 ˚
    • DPV 50Hz
    • DPV 60Hz

    Fire Pumps

    • RuhRPumpen Horizontal Split Case Pump & Vertical Turbine Pump

    Complete Skids for fire protection service. 

    Plunger Pumps

    • RuhRPumpen Reciprocating Triplex & Quintuplex Plunger Pumps. 
    • Hydra-Cell - 14 Models
    • CAT - Direct Drive, Belt Drive, Hollow Shaft, Solid Shaft, etc.

    Pump Accessories

    Pump Parts

    • Centrifugal - Durco, Viking, Wilden, Fybroc, Summit, (Goulds- After-market replacement parts.)Dean Brothers.
    • Progressive Cavity
    • Wangen - Pressure monitors, Temperature monitors, Level Meters, Flow Meters, Supply Containers, Lubricant Dosing
      Devices, Overflow Units, Slide Valves, Suction/Deliver Hose.
    • Moyno
    • Seepex 

    Pump Motors

    • Baldor/Reliance - Integral horsepower, AC Induction Motors ODP, WPI Enclosures TENV, TEAO, TEFC Enclosure, Explosion Proof.
    • Hyundai (Worldwide Electric)
    • WEG - complements the existing line of integral explosion proof motors & now offers a complete explosion proof solution. 
    • Leeson - Single phase, three phase, inverter duty, severe duty,  explosion proof, and more. 
    • US Motors - AC, DC, EC, Switched Reluctance, Drives, lloT Wireless Equipment Monitoring, and more.

    Mechanical Seals

    • APEX - Cartridge, single spring, multi-spring, outside seals, metric shaft, american, and metric.
    • Sepco - Cartridge mounted, both double & single, rotary seals, stationary seals, gland seals, and single spring seals. 
    • Enviro - The sealing program includes an almost endless range of bearing isolators/labyrinth seals for nearly all industrial pumps and motors made. 

    Packing Systems

    RainsFlo Sealing System

    • RF-GFM Red and Black Ring 
    • RF-900 Hot Braid Collars 
    • RF-272 Lyte Braid Collars 
    • RF-700 Tuff Braid Collars
    • RF-600 Soft Braid Collars
    • RF-3600 Econo-Braid Collars
    • RF-355 Food Grade Braided Packing
    • Packing Hooks
    • RF-9200 Door & Dome Gaskets 
    • RF Cast Closure Ring 


    B-Loc Keyless Bushings: Provide a high capacity, zero-backlash shaft-to-hub, connection by using the wedge principal. 


     Lovejoy - Jaw, Jaw in Shear, S-Flex, Disc, Grid, Gear and Torsional couplings. 

    Valves-Ball,Butterfly, Knife Gate

    Pressure Relief Valves - designed to maintain constant upstream pressure within close limits.
    Ball Valves
    PYDF Teflon 

    INOXPA Innova - Shut off Double Seat Valve, Shut-off Single Seat, Divert Single Seat Valve


    Brass Fittings

    AY McDonald - Our products meet the current American Water Works Association (AWWA) C-800 standard & are available with a wide variety of flare, compression, or threaded end connections for copper tube, copper or iron pipe size PE, PVC or steel pipe. Corporation, curb and meter valves can be ordered in either ball or plug style. 


    Neptune - Heavy Duty, Portable, Drum & Tote Mixers. 

    Power Twist

    Made of custom polyurethane elastomers reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric Fenner Drives' High classical and metric SP wedge cross sections. Longer belt life; easier, faster installations, reduced drive vibration; minimize maintenance time; simple design; reduced V-belt stock.  

    Motor Bases

    Lovejoy - RunRight®  Motor Bases

    1. Energy Savings- up to 5% annually
    2. Belt Life- Belts last up to 3 times londer when using RunRight
    3. Maintenance Time- Up to 75% saves as belt retensioning is eleminated, no lubrication necessary.
    4. Quick Belt Change Time- You simply reverse tension on the element.

    Quick Connect Fittings

    Cinch Em™ 

    2" 3" 4" Hose to Hose Connection

    Uses: Pumps, Wastewater, Fracking, Salt Water Disposal, Chemical Plants, Poultry Plants, Paper Mills, etc.

    Quick Connects are made of a special blend of metal alloys to resist the wear and tear of the chemicals used in acidic-oriented applications. 

     One unit is 1/4th the weight of conventional connections which are made of steel and weigh approximately 20 lbs versus 5 lbs for each Quick Connect piece. 

    Pressure ratings up to 800 psi

    Air Systems

    Air Conditioning Systems

    • Waycool -  The WayCool patented design dramatically outperforms  all other portable evaporative coolers, with greater cool air output, smaller size, lower cost and better looks.   WayCool 1HP models have both hose connection and manual fill. 

    Air Purifiers

    SETHCO LLC. Airistar Technologies® uses HEXAFLOW™, a six stage purification process, because clean air is necessary for a healthy life. The combination of filters in our system strips away smaller and smaller contaminated particles until the air is virtually contaminant free. We provide 2 sizes: Airistar 500 & Airistar 1000.

    Cleaning Supplies

    Power Washers

    Hotsy Power Washers

    Electric, Gas, Diesel


    Wash Bay Systems, Mobile Cleaning

    Parts, Accessories & Detergents

    Industrial Cleaners & De-Greasers

    Cajun Brown - Industrial strength multi-purpose cleaner.

    AC-1 - All purpose, non-caustic, non-solvent, and environmentally safe.

    Bi-U Blue - Industrial strength degreaser.

    Trailbrite - Aluminum brightener and cleaner.

    Cajun Red - Moderate strength industrial cleaner. 

    Citra-Solve - Asphalt and Tar remover.

    & Many more! 

    Wash Bay Equipment




    Multifunction Systems

    Hose-End Foamers & Sprayers

    Pressure Washer Foamers & Sprayers


    Entryway Sanitation Systems

    Mixing Stations & Proportioners

    Transfer Systems

    Pump Fed Central Systems 

    & Accessories