We don't change the air, we clean it. ™


 Airistar Technologies® is dedicated to providing you with top of the line air purification systems and the latest information about indoor air quality. At Airistar®, we believe that creating clean air environments is serious business, which is why we use only the most advanced filter media available to create our portable air purification systems. From medical facilities to bars and restaurants, Airistar Technologies® has an air purification solution for you. 


Technology Behind Airistar  

HEXAFLOWPurification Process

Airistar Technologies® uses HEXAFLOW™, a six stage purification process, because clean air is necessary for a healthy life. We do not change the air by introducing ionization or dangerous ozone. The combination of filters in our system strips away smaller and smaller contaminated particles until the air is virtually contaminant free. 

 Stage 1:
External Prefilter
A MERV 8 rated to capture particles 10-15 microns or larger.

Stages 2 & 3:
Dual Stage Internal Prefilter
A woven polypropylene filter treated with an antimicrobial solution attracts particles with static electricity and prohibits microbial growth. This is the followed by another layer of MERV 8 filter media to help extend the filter life of the HAPA™ filter.

Stage 4:
This is the latest high efficiency filter material, designed to provide the same filter efficiency as HEPA but with increased airflow and lessen pressure drop.

Stage 5:
Activated Carbon VOC Filter
An extremely porous filter material designed to efficiently capture odors, fumes and gasses. This filter can be customized to incorporate the use of Zeolite to extend its adsorption range.

Stage 6:
Ultraviolet Bulb(s)
A germicidal UVC type bulb prevents organic growth from occurring on the VOC filter, and sterilizes the actual surfaces of the final chamber. (note: UV light may take 12 seconds to several minutes to kill a microbe, this light is used only to create clean surfaces and prohibit organic growth on the VOC filter)


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