Bayou Pumps & Products, Inc.
Bayou Pumps & Products, Inc.
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    Pump Packages - We sell pumps, motors, and parts...Why not make it a package? We put together quality custom pump packages. Let us do it for you!

    Base Plates & Coupling Guards - Base plate selection is one of the first steps in a good pump installation. A quality pump and motor base extends the life of the pump assembly by a great deal. We make our bases from a variety of materials including channel iron, stainless steel and formed bases.

    Coupling guards are great additions to a pump assembly. Made of durable materials, coupling guards give extra protection where it is needed. We fabricate these from heavy duty materials that will increase the life of your assembly.

    Inventories - Are you needing to stock your inventory? We take on large orders to accommodate and manage all aspects of the order life cycle and ensures smooth control of customer orders. 

    Are you a returning customer? We can help analyze your past orders and advise which parts should be kept on the shelf.

    Full Machining Shop - TDP® Manufacturing specializes in machining and fabrication with over 40 years of combined experience in machining. Their highly qualified and skilled machinists are prepared to respond to a variety of challenges. 

    • General Machining TDP®'s machine shop has manual mills and lathes for machining small and large parts with CNC machining capabilities. With their machines nothing is too difficult, from steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, hast-alloys, titanium, and other exotic alloys such as: B, B3, C276, and even plastics.
    • Manufacturing of Custom & Obsolete Parts From large mixer shafts, shearing tools, air tables all the way to machine surfaced base plates, TDP® Manufacturing can do it all!
    • Industrial Pump Repairs & Overhauling TDP® specializes in the service and repair of pumps for water, sewage, and sump sludge applcations. Typical pumps include submersible, multi-stage centrifugal, split case, end suction centrifugals, vertical gear, and progressive cavity.
    • Process Equipment Rebuilds Our rebuilds are performed by experienced technicians who use the latest tools and equipment. You can be sure all our rebuilt equipment lives up to the highest of TDP® Manufacturing standards for durability, dependability and technology.

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    TDP® Manufacturing offers a variety of services to industries such as: construction, hydraulic, oil & gas, chemical, food processing, petrochemical, energy and other manufacturing industries. 

    We are known for our dedication to excellent work from complete overhauling of pumps, to small personal fabrications. 

    No job is too big or too small!


    We strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by exceeding our customer’s expectations.