Bayou Pumps & Products, Inc.
Bayou Pumps & Products, Inc.
  • Cajun Brown removing oxidation from a metal building.

    Closed Coupled Tesla Disk Pump Assembly

    Tesla Disk Pumps 4x2x14 Exploding Pump Assembly

    AC-1 Does the work for you

    Disk Pump Demonstration

    Check out our new demo that shows how our disk pump can gently handle the most fragile crystals, sensitive chemicals, and polymer emulsions. Check out to see how the disk pump works. 

    Rainsflo packing installation

    This video is a walk-through on installing Rainsflo Sealing Systems in a pump.

    ValCre Ball Vale

    The new ValCre PFA Lined Ball Valve comes in both stainless steel and a WBC carbon steel body, and is designed to provide extended wear, and fewer leakage events.